About Us

In 2010 Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) has embarked on a new project for building computer refurbishment capacity in the Arab region, gauged toward compatibility with the "500/12" Initiative.

Through this project, TAG.Global acted as a focal point in the Arab region for creating refurbishment capabilities and providing PC donations and refurbished PCs to underprivileged populations. 

Through cooperation with world leaders in refurbishment, Microsoft, Cisco, and other ICT companies, efforts will be consolidated to increase the level of computer literacy in the Arab region; bridge the digital gap; enhance access to technology and information; and build sufficient ICT skills and capacity to boost the economic standing of the region towards a knowledge-based and innovation-driven society.

Several initiatives to enhance computer literacy did not succeed due to their unrealistic business models, lack of understanding of the target society sector, or lack of  business or governmental  support which is essential for any social program of this nature to succeed.  

However,  the necessary resources in these areas are made available to ensure the success and sustainability of the building refurbishment capacity project.